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TGIF - Two R34s

Friday at last.

More Skyline comparisons coming right up.


Sadly I don’t have the GL nor HW versions to compare with, but this one was interesting as well.

The two castings come from Tomica and Kyosho, with the rerun of the old R34 V - Spec II Nur casting, and the Kyosho BNR34 casting of the early Skyline series. Tomica claims the scale as 1/62 and Kyosho as 1/64. The profile suggested an almost identical scale. Front showed that there was a very small difference.


There aren’t many differences when it comes to the front end of these cars. The most prominent is how the Kyosho accurately replicates the front grille and bumper vents, whereas the Tomica gets a slightly stepped painted set up.


Moving to the sides, and now the differences are very prominent. Tomica gets the (wretched, but justified for a semi - playable diecast) opening doors, and the appropriate wheels along with a painted quarter glass. Kyosho goes with the traditional curbside setup, with a separate window and quarter glass. Detailing puts both almost on par with each other though, and the Tomica almost edges Kyosho with the quarter glass and the beading touch-up, even though it is considerably larger. Minute gap between the window plastic and body makes the Kyosho look a tad bit off. However it nails the profile of the rear spoiler. As usual, the wheels don’t help TP cause.


Moving to the rear quarters, and the Kyosho starts to set itself apart very well, with the biggest difference being the separate tail lamps. Mega panel lines do not help the TP, and the rear fog light / reverse light is also slightly larger. The detailing is absolutely fantastic with the TP though. The rear license plate is dope.


In terms of retail price, there is little to separate these two (with the TP technically being more expensive). However the Kyosho R34s are non - existent on the retail market, and command mega bucks in the secondary market, whereas the TP has made a recent comeback to the shelves with new packaging. Taking everything into account, the Tomica remains the choice for me, it has a very attractive proposition to the price you pay. Kyosho, on the other hand, is most probably the best 1/64 R34 around (until a TLVN rolls out), IMO better than the rare Tamiya as well. However, it commands a huge value on the resale markets.


Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend!

The tires on this particular Kyosho loved to protrude well beyond the wheel. Hope it is not a common ailment.

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