Another package that was delivered while I was on the disabled list, was the latest version of the MBX Skyline from Eddie. I love that blue, the color and the texture are most excellent.
Shortly after I received it, I visited shop rite while being driven home from that days doctor appointment, I found BOTH versions! (reinforcing my theory, once again, that once I bay/buy, or HWEP to it, or however I get a new casting, it’s almost guaranteed to start showing up around here.

Yes, I actually DLM’d a new arrival, that’s one nice looking paint & tampos combination. The one in front is the RAOK from Eddie, with seatbelts, and the pair behind it represent both versions. (of which, the seatbelted one is taken.)

Thank You Eddie!!

(Now, if someone would just send me the zamac Porsche and Tooned Bug, they would start showing up around here too! lol...Just kidding, they’ll be here soon.)