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Thank You OppositeLock625!!

I signed onto the interwebz in time to get this post from OppositeLock625 while it still mattered. I dropped everything and calmly drove to the Yorktown Kmart and found the display, just as he described it, full of GT cars.

There was plenty of all the models, so word hadn’t got out yet. I was happy to get two nice ones and leave the rest. It was really hard to decide, as they were all pretty much mint. I guess they travel better in the stand up displays then they do in the mainline cases.


Thank you OppositeLock625!!

Incredible piece of zamac! More HWs should come out with this level of fit & finish, nice crisp tampos, perfectly aligned hood paint, the rocker panels, everything! And at mainline prices!
I freed one, of course, so I can start planning what I’m going to do to it. First, though, I need some practice with my little detail brushes.


OppositeLock625's post came at a perfect time for me, I really needed a break at that moment, which is why I was online to begin with. A little backstory:
Back in 2012, right before my hip got injured, I had started the dismantling of my kitchen. Because of the surgeries & procedures related to that, then, the subsequent car accident in 2013, and the surgeries & procedures related to that, I was only recently returning to the task of finishing the demolition and the putting of it back together. So, of course, I’m now waiting to see if I have to settle into a holding pattern once again.
I’ve been trying to get as much done now, before anything on me needs to be remodeled by scalpel, so all the walls would be buttoned up before cold weather.
By this morning, I was beat; the blood, sweat, and tears of late had added up, especially the blood. I’ve cut myself on the baseboard heater fins several times, once on my wrist, once on my palm, a few other places, so it’s everywhere. Between last night and this morning, I’d given up on band-aids, and had resorted to taping and rubber banding napkins over all my various wounds. Good thing the vinyl floor tiles were going to come up anyway!
So anyway, I needed a break and a nice quiet drive with an almost guaranteed reward at the other end of said drive. Thanks again OppositeLock625!!

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