I got his end of our trade yesterday and it was a real surprise! Our HWEP was for two cars but inside I found six! Here are the Teutonic ones, all from that famed town of Stuttgart:

Gorgeous shade of green on this Matchbox Panamera. I only had the silver version, but this one is perfect!
Tomica 911S. What a phenomenal casting! The doors open and everything. I may end up changing the stance/wheels at some point, but it’s a true gem.
This is one of the two cars we actually traded for, a 935 by a brand that I don’t know. I swapped some Monoblock read minilites on her right away, but per Enginerrrrrrrrrrrr’s suggestion she’ll be getting some turbofans soon!


The fourth German car was another Porsche, a yellow MBX Cayman, but my 2 year old took it before I could get a picture...

Thanks again Spridget!!