Thank you Shop Teacher! This brought on a multitude of feelings, all good!

These pull back cars reminded me of my college days in NYC. The folks who sold umbrellas and sunglasses on the street corners also sold toys, mostly ones such as these. I bought one every time I noticed a VW in the mix. Great memories!

Only one of the VWs seems to want to go in the Porsche’s direction...

A fantastic line up of carded vehicles waiting for DLM day. Sorry Shop Teacher, but I’m already considering what those 36 Ford wheels will fit...


MBX Porsche 911 Turbo, a Street Cleaver, my first Porsche 911 GT2 with the metal spoiler! And the 959 F1 Pace Car, which makes perfect sense.
Do you remember that I’d asked for a Street Cleaver quite some time ago, when I was collecting parts for a custom vehicle? No? Shop Teacher remembered! Thank you my friend!


Happy 2018 to You & Yours!