Big things with little cars

Thank you Vdubyajohn!!!

Heck, you don’t even know what you did! While we were talking about the 1/24 trailer and your willingness to help me created a 1/64 diecast Baja big, one sentence stood out to me, “the M2 is the same size as the current GL beetles...”. I didn’t get a chance until today, but I compared the M2 bug to the GL, they are practically identical in scale! :D

Wait, it gets better, my M2 bug (not sure if they all have this) has a opening trunk, and bumpers that extend away from the body. This is very good because it can show off the engine, and let me custom-make a brush guard for the Baja bug, excellent! And the best part? I’m not crazy for M2 cars (too many little pieces) so I’m totally ok with sacrificing the bug! Yay!


So where am I now? I have to take the bug apart to get an idea of what I can and can’t do, :).

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