I’ve been finding that staying home isn’t all bad, I get to go through all the stuff that’s still sitting in the basement, in the bags or boxes they were in when I got them.
Today, a diecast enthusiast named Wayne, bless his heart, has given me permission to open my first Tomica.

I didn’t even realize this was a Tomica when I bought the lot in which it lay hiding. It used to be a Police Z-28 (see below) but, Wayne decided to do a custom (good on you Wayne), and some modifications have been made.
The rear axle has collapsed, the wheels have been silvered, the light bar has been shaved for better air flow, and Wayne has signed the windshield after tinting it with a marker. The epitome of “played with” indeed.

Wayne, if you’re reading this, part of me wants to say, “Kudos!,” for having received a premium diecast, but not letting that stop you from making it your own!
The other part of me wants to beat you about the head & shoulders with a pool noodle...

Does anyone make Tomica replacement parts? The “glass” on this one is dead.