Big things with little cars

Thanks, Pixel!

They arrived yesterday! What a great selection of diecast...I feel as though I underpaid! Two very heavy JLs in the mix (blue truck & cream VW). Then we have that awesome chromed out Ghia dragster. Top comes off as well revealing the engine. Very nice! Had to get that MBX P914 and Type 34 Ghia in baby blue. I kick myself for not getting another tractor trailer. This thing is beast!!

But...wait, what is this VW ragtop doing in the mix?? Aaaaahhh!! An awesome little surprise from Pixel. LOVE IT!! Absolutely love it!


I’m really excited about this little “fixer-upper” as it totally reminds me of my high school years buying and fixing VW’s with the dudes. Oh how the girls loved our VWs! Good times and very good memories!! Thanks again, Pixel!!

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