Actually, this is legit Customer Service. As most of you probably know, AUTOart’s Nissan R33 GTR is Model Citizen’s COTM. I waited with baited breath for Patrick’s post announcing the car and jumped on it immediately when he did. He emailed me later asking if it was okay to open the model and apply some additional restraints as the screws securing the model to the base have a habit of stripping out.

Sure enough, despite bubble wrap around the model’s box, packing peanuts, and a shipping box that showed no visible evidence of being handled by a gorilla, the plastic piece between the model and base was completely broken around one of the screws. It’s entirely possible the model would have arrived safely without the additional restraints, but I’m glad they were there. I’ve dealt with a number of vendors over the years, and the vast majority wouldn’t go through this additional effort. So a big thanks to Citizen Patrick for showing them how it’s done.