So, I have too many mint Hot Wheels and other diecasts at my parents’ home that I need to sell, too many to the point that some have migrated to the apartment I share with my engineering/cars/gaming friend. Four of these are mine, one is his.

...Actually, that’s not really true anymore. Two of mine have become his, and the only one of this group that belonged to him is the Vette, which will be a gift to a fellow SCCA member who owns a custom red C5 Z06.

Picture taken by Vince Bray, image taken from the Vette owner’s FB page.

They typically sit on top of his computer and gather dust so I’m typically the one who cleans them off every time it’s time to vacuum the apartment. The yellow Murciélago and the white New Edge Mustang GT are my gifts to my roomie since he likes Italian cars, namely Lamborghini, and he has his own Stang.

Photo credits are visible, I just yanked the picture from my roomie’s FB page. :P


Which, by the way, is possible the most horrible Mustang project on the face of the earth. An auto V6 converted into a manual supercharged V6 with Maximum Motorsport’s entirely suspension catalog thrown in along with Viper front calipers...because reasons.

The Greenwood Vette is the 2nd-to-last diecast that I’ve liberated...and I lost my orange 930 Turbo, which is my last liberated toy, and the 2000 GT is the third-to-last. Nothing really special about them, I just wanted to have diecasts to play with when I stressed out with college classes.