Big things with little cars

The Beginning

This is the first custom I ever made.

Philip had just made a Monoposto S2000 for Howard, and I thought that was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I needed something like that in my life.


So I gave it a shot. But, didn’t want to just copy his work so I made a Biposto. (Or whatever you’d call it)

The black paint wrinkled up, but It was too late. I was hooked.


I didn’t have the balls to risk a crappy detail job so I called it finished.


But the damage had already been done. I wanted to make another custom.


I would clean it up, but I like how it sits. Dirty with paint too thick. It represents the beginning. So much has been learned over the years. This is where it all started & I love it for what it is. 

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