I’m having a yard sale tomorrow, so I’m going through my basement looking for things to sell. I just found this big ol box of 1/64s, and I’m actually fairly impressed with the shape it’s all in given that it’s all probably at least 15 years old.

Here’s how it looked before I started sorting:

Then we’ve got mostly Racing Champions NASCAR stuff, including some Stock Rods, which were fun:

Racing Champions CART cars. These are all in surprisingly good shape, given that I remember playing with them a lot.


JL and Racing Champions muscle cars and drag racers, and also a JL DB5, which is weird:


More of those:

And more Racing Champions NASCAR stuff:


I should probably put the lot on the LALD marketplace, since I’m not a 1/64 guy. I’ve also got a bunch of M2 and Autoworld stuff I’ve been meaning to put on there.

Anybody find anything here interesting, or should I yard sale it as planned?