Big things with little cars

The Big Route 9 Conflagration

They called it the fire of ‘72*. A high speed multi vehicle collision resulted in the total loss of over 20 vehicles. Not all losses were a result of the initial accident, more than one of the responding emergency vehicle became involved when a gasoline tanker, in the middle of the pileup, ignited and engulfed the whole scene in flames. The Ford Heavy Wrecker Truck from Bob’s Esso was destroyed when winds picked up burning debris and deposited them in the back of the truck. Gasoline and oil soaked rags on the back of the truck were believed to have started a separate blaze, which swept through the truck. Extra tires had to be brought to the scene before it could be flat-bedded to the back of Bob’s lot, where it still sits today:


*I lied, this never happened. No diecast were harmed any further than they already were in the making of this farce...

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