Welcome to The Big Twenty as we explore on die cast larger than 1/43. Tomica did it and now Hot Wheels, Matchbox and even M2 join the band in producing JDM and US specs Japanese cars. Now here’s the 1973 Datsun 510 on a not so new company that came into the scene with their own brand called JDM Tuners.

Love them. Hate them. Jada has been the company that came into the scene with their low profile tires and wheels that are based on 3rd party car accessories. Collectors have been divided on their opinion on their models. On the 1/64 scale they tend to make their models larger which does not fit with other 1/64 scale. I never gave them a thought as I was into stock wheels but when I saw their vintage 40's Ford COE movable flat bed car carrier truck in 1/64 on sale for less than their regular price, stock wheels or not I’m willing to give it a shot.

Even though they release a few Japanese car specially after being license to produce the Fast and Furious movie cars, it wasn’t until around July of 2017 when they launch a new brand dedicated to JDM.

So now you are probably wondering how the triple J came into the picture. Simply that this is Jada’s JDM Tuners based on Jonsibal Design Works under their Designer series.


When I found out that this 1/32 510 was available in JDM Tuners, I quickly search in Walmart and Target and after several weeks finally found one in Walmart underneath several 1/32 Just Trucks again by Jada.

So how well did Jada do on this model? For me this is a well made toy. Notice I did not say collectible as that is what their 1/32 are for. Even though geared towards kids since it isn’t as detail and not much delicate parts yet Jada still had a few individual parts that may still be nice enough to be enjoyed by adults. While the side mirrors are molded with the body and the wipers with the windshield, the grill and the front bumper are a separate pieces.


The spoiler and rear bumper are separate parts as well.


I’ve noticed the doors do have a slight gap. The tires sport a low profile.


Hard to photograph the interior as it is black but it does not seem to have much detail on it. This also comes with interior roll bars.

The chassis is plastic and not much detail as this is again geared towards kids. See the square and rectangle holes? Those are probably use incase they decide to include a pull back motor.


So now we know the 2 “J”s but what about the 3rd one? In brief, Jonsibal is an artist and illustrator who first did free hand drawing on comic books until he became a famous illustrator in the automotive industry. I was not able to find a lot of info about how he and Jada got started but most likely he and Jada entered a partnership of rendering his designs to the models that Jada produce.

This model comes with a window box.

So in conclusion if you are a collector of 510, this could still be a nice addition. I will rate it 5 out of 5 for quality as I did not encounter any issue, 3 for detail as most delicate parts are molded with the body and 4.5 for play value as it has opening doors and rolls but not too smooth.