Welcome back to The Big Twenty where we show models above the 1/43 scale. Years ago I brought someone to a discount clothing store and while waiting, I sort of wandered around the store and unexpectedly found a section of 1/24 die cast models.

One of the models I stumbled upon was this ‘49 Mercury die cast model kit in shiny black. Love the look, love the price so I took it home with me.

It was fairly easy to assemble so only took me an hour to finish.

According to Wikipedia, Mercury’s first postwar model was the ‘49 model year. The engine was a flathead V8 that produced slightly more power than the then also newly designed 1949 Ford. A new overdrive system was optional, activated by a handle under the dash.


Within its era and beyond, the Mercury Eight was popular with customizers. In 1949, Sam Barris built the first lead sled from a 1949 Mercury Eight; the Eight became the definitive “lead sled”, much as the Ford V-8 was becoming the definitive hot rod.

Don’t you dig that license plate


The feature on this model came with opening parts.


The model however didn’t come with detail interior nor a spare in the trunk. The engine is molded in chrome. The side moldings, wipers, front turn signals and door handles are not separate parts but are molded with the body and painted on.


Overall if you are not too nit picky about owning a high end model, this one will suffice.

Here is the 1:1 and as you can see the model is near accurate.

Image borrowed from internet