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The Big Twenty: Truckin' Tuesday - Ertl 1957 Chevy Stake Truck

This series will deal with the models greater than 1/43. Here is a nice casting made by Ertl better known for their Farm vehicles with Ertl Collectibles ‘57 Chevy Stake Truck.

The Ertl Company is an American toy company best known for its die-cast metal alloy collectible replicas of farm equipment and vehicles. The company is based in Dyersville, Iowa, home of the National Farm Toy Museum.


The ‘57 Chevy truck was release in several livery. This one has the Campbell‘s brand known for their canned soup.

Photo borrowed from internet.

This also comes with 6 barrels with simulated tomatoes. It also included side mirrors which can be placed on the side holes.

The truck was probably created with the collectors in mind instead of for the kids as this has a nice detail front with realistic headlights and front grill. For some reason they did not use clear plastic for the turn signal or it would have made this truck more realistic.


The wood-grained stake box was nicely done as well. As most toy makers will use plastic for wood, this one is actually made of metal.


It also comes with mud flaps and realistic looking wheels and tires. There is also a hitch included.

One feature is a removable tailgate. However the hood and doors do not open.


Also the front wheels can be moved and will semi-locked in a positioned a few angles at a time. Most of the chassis is made of metal with some minor plastic parts.


It also comes with a lunch box on top of the seat.


I guess Theodore is ready for lunch.

Overall a nice vintage looking truck with majority of the components made of metal which makes this one heavy truck.

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