Trucks don’t seem to get a lot of exposure here in LaLD so I decided to bring about this Tuesday with one hot and shiny truck that you’ve every seen. Let me tell you a story about me and this truck.

When Jada Toys first came out with their die cast, I wasn’t exactly a fan as they usually used low profile tires and huge fancy wheels. I would only buy their models if it is something that I really like and no other manufacturer had released it yet.

When they came out with their Just Trucks series in 1/24 a few years ago, things have change. The box were slightly longer than their usual released due to the addition of a tire rack with some extra wheels on it. Plus you were provided with a screw driver and axles to do a wheel swap if you so desire. Like customizing without buying the extra car. What’s great about this series is that the installed wheels were either OEM lookalike or old school. The extra tires were mostly still the low profile and fancy wheels. I don’t really care for them as they are not my type and just added the cost to the merchandise.

The latest one in my collection is this beautiful 1/24 1952 Chevy COE Flatbed.

Before this became part of my family of die cast it wasn’t one of those grab at first sight. I already acquired a few of the Jada 50's Chevy 3100 in which this COE is based upon so I thought why do I need another one. In fact I also had the Hot Wheels premium released Chevy COE. A few months before Christmas, the only one in stock in our Walmart finally disappeared. I kind of miss it but thought that it was good as I will not be tempted to grab it anymore. Well that didn’t last as around December it was restock again. This time I decided to take it home but I was still having buyers remorse. It was just today that I decided to have a look at it again and finally opened the package. This thing is absolutely wonderful. One of the things I like about this is the shiny candy red paint. This makes it look almost like the Hot Wheels Spectra flame paint and with pinstripe added you can almost imagine it as a 1/24 Hot Wheels looking truck..


What also attracted me to this are the white wall tires and the shiny baby moon hubcaps. Let’s not forget the shiny chrome bed and chrome side mirrors.


Most of Jada Toys 1/24 includes opening features and as you can see both doors open but.... the flat bed is short and can only be moved about 2 inches which does not slide down and no opening to reveal the engine which most of their other trucks do.


The chrome front grill and front and back bumpers really brings out the extra shine. Did I say shiny again? I’m glad it doesn’t have quality control issues and would had been the perfect truck if it wasn’t for the limited moving parts.

Looks like an emergency call came in for roadside assistance.


Realistically speaking, if you were to own an actual truck like this one, it would be more of a show rather than a working truck.

Till then, keep on trucking.