Big things with little cars

The blister package (Tarmac Works/Greenlight Endless Livery Skyline GT-R R34)

Tarmac Works and Greenlight have worked together again and made this 1/64 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 with Endless livery.


I want to talk more about the blister package than the car itself. The blister package, interestingly, is a resealable clamshell! So I was playing around to see what fits.

I don’t have any 1/64 Matchbox with me ATM, but I do have a two Tomicas within my reach.


These Tomica premium models sort of fit. Perhaps someone would like to display their Tomica collections in this fashion, along with their other collections that have similar packaging.


Can someone can fill in me on this? Has Greenlight ever released a resealable clamshell in the past? Comment below.

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