...may be on to something, let’s see.
This past spring, I found some plastic versions of the more popular off brand cars at an early flea thing. I knew they were copies...

But, these are all plastic, with full bodies, meaning that the base doesn’t come halfway up the sides. I considered what I’d found and thought that whoever was behind it had breathed new life into some “old” castings. I’m pretty sure you can’t do plastic injection with molds/dies made for zamac, so this is new tooling, I assumed. Still, who made them?
Then I found this photo on the Swifty’s Garage site:

The number 118 on the hood of the Porsche? Multiply it by 8...

Now, I believe they are probably Summers, but there’s no indication anywhere on the cars. Maybe that further cuts down on the new tooling costs, and makes it easier to pass them on when it’s the next guy’s turn.


IMSA Mustang


Monza (?) Toyota Celica (thanks Fintail...)

It didn’t occur to me until I was in post, that this car wouldn’t do well on a white background...my bad.

Lancia Stratos


BMW 3.0 CSL (?)

Porsche 978 Whale Tail

It occurred to me that these new versions may be able to donate new plastic pieces for anyone who wants to fix up an earlier one. I didn’t do any serious measuring, just some comparison photos with an earlier Summer Porsche.


Looks close to me...minor differences in detailing, but if you’re making new molds, and using plastic, you might as well spruce it up a little.