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The Celica that haunts me

Hi all! I’d like to show you my latest custom, the Matchbox Toyota Celica. It was a really long process, and a lot of wasted painting, so let’s check it out.

It was one of the holy grails for me. I wanted to get this thing sooo much, that when I finally found one with the price I can afford, I just took it. But I knew from the first time I saw one that if I ever have one, I will repaint it, because this racing livery doesn’t really fit with it.


So first I decided to paint it gunmetal grey, kind of like a restomod feeling. It’s modernish, like a 21st century war plane, and might fit with the Hot Wheels Japanese Classics lineup :D


But oh, the terror: I still use superglue to fix the chassis and the base together. And, although I use UHU Superglue Gel almost all the time, at that time I only had Loctite. And Loctite was kind of like a hot cheese thing... it was stretchy and elongated, and one string just reached out the door, screwing up the paintjob. Oh no. I tried to repaint only the door, but it was already glued together. So I cut a line on a paper, and then kind of masked the whole car with it while I the door across that cut. It seemed like it’s going to work, but after it dried, and I pulled out the paper, one big piece of paint just broke off from the door panel and a bit from the sill. I was desperate, but I knew that I have to repaint it. My gunmetal paint ran out, though.
So, I bought some new paint for other projects, and I had to figure out, which colour will fit with this thing. First, I want to use the Silver Leaf painting, but then, I tried the green metalic paint on the 911 custom I shown earlier, and decided to use that.
Here is the final result (I used UHU, so no stretchy gel glue this time):


I know it’s not the best custom, I didn’t want to redeem the world with it, but I think it’s a little bit better than the original look.
Hope you like it! Cheers!

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