So here it is.

My very first completed custom work. It’s a ‘62 Chevy tow truck. There’s a story here. This is one of my five first custom I did back in 2012, when I first learned about customizing. I know, I said I’ve only been customizing for a year (I’m a dirty liar). But that was the only five I’ve ever done in the four-year period. And those five cars were never finished until 2016. Back then,I didn’t have the sufficient skills and time,as I was an office worker at that period. I only drilled them open,dissected the bodies, gutted everything out,and never assembled them back. And during that time, they had been gathering dust.

This was one of them. Initially I was going to build a drag truck, based on the drawing I did (yes,I draw cars too). Years later, I quit from my job and started working as a freelance artist. Means I have plenty of time learning to customize. And this is the result. Not a dragster, but something else entirely. It was completed in two days, despite being left to die for centuries :D . Not bad for a noob.