Of the many (and I mean MANY) mid/rear-engine Corvette prototypes that GM has produce, few are as intriguing or came as close to production as the Corvette Indy and it’s more production-minded brother the CERV III.

The Indy went through a couple different iterations in the 1980s, first as a non-running clay model of a roadster and then as concept represented in this diecast.

I had wanted to write something long about the history of mid/rear-engined Corvettes and of the Indy, but I was repeatedly unhappy with what I had after several tries so I’ll just stick to talking about this particular cast.

Honestly I don’t know much about this cast. The base is missing a brand, though some eBay listings have indicated it’s a MotorMax cast. I don’t remember where I got it — it was in a box of childhood cars that I picked up from my parents a few months ago.


I’d give the cast a 7/10. It has some nice details and the paint is nice but it’s clearly a cheaper cast. It’s lightweight, has a plastic base, and there’s quite a bit of flashing on the exterior.

But still, concepts don’t get a lot of diecast love so it’s a unique item to have. As far as I know, neither Mattel brand has based a cast on the Indy.


The Indy and the more realistic CERV III were floated as potential models for the C5. While that would have changed the course of Corvette history (seriously, the thing was a 600 hp, IndyCar-powered super car in the 1980s), it would have been cool to see.