“Hey, you mind if we stop at Big Lots while we are in town?” I asked my wife.

“What for?” She responded with a confused look.

“Well... errr... I wan’t to see what they have in stock for HotWheels.” I explained

“Hmmmmm.” My wife said. Gears obviously turning in her head.

And so, the DieCast debate began. I explained that I am starting to get excited about collecting HotWheels cars. Having been married to me for over 10 years, my wife knows me pretty well. When I get excited about collecting something, I can get a little overboard. Sometimes I need a bit of restraint and clarity so that I don’t overdo it. She has come to respect my deep admiration for Matchbox Lesney diecast cars, which I have been collecting long before we even got married.

She drew some comparisons between the two and made some valid points!

“I think your antique Matchbox cars are really neat. They have better detail in the castings. Some of them have opening doors, hoods, trunks. They are painted the way a regular car would be painted. Those diecasts just have a different heart to them.” She observed. “Many of the HotWheels cars have too many decals and the plastic parts just don’t have the level of detail to them.” She pointed out that my beloved ‘67 HotWheels charger doesn’t have crisp detail in the grille.


I imagined what that car would look like if it was cast by Lesney years before it’s time. The Thought was mind-blowing to me.

Now I understand why the Super Treasure Hunt cars are so sought after. While, yes, they are rare... They also are a notch above quality-wise.

“So, if you are going to pick up some of these HotWheels cars that don’t have great details on them... you should consider customizing them.” She further added.


*Mind Blown again*

Customizing looks like a lot of fun. I don’t think I have time for it. I already spend a lot of time working on my Radio Controlled cars. I am not sure if I really have time to get into making custom DieCasts. Who knows? Wintertime might be good for that.

So, yeah, this guy isn’t going to go overboard with HotWheels. They are pretty awesome. But, I think I am going to hunt for ones that really, really appeal to me. I think a lot of that is going to come down to the details and the actual car itself. I know there are certain models that I will be on the lookout for. But the Pokemon (collect them all) mentality is already out of my system.


This is going to be a lot of fun! With the wise input from my wife... I think my Hotwheels hunt is going to be far more challenging and precise than I originally thought it would be (and easier on the wallet).

Thanks for reading! -AlienProbe