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The Diecast Museum Is Open

I just finished uploading all my collection in pictures to Google Drive, so the navyeagleeye86 Diecast Museum is open to to public for viewing!

No, this isn’t my diecast museum - this is from a visit to the Antique Mall by the Ertl toy factory in Dyersville, IA

And let me say right away, this is not a replacement for my interactions on LaLD, but a supplement for those who want to see more of what I have in my “toy room.”


Anyone who wants to stop by can do so by visiting this link:

A few footnotes:

  • All file folders are first organized by type (car, bike, plane) and then by diecast make followed by scale
  • Any diecast still on their cardboard (the very few) are with the loose collection pictures
  • A separate folder called “Cards” will have all opened and discarded yet neat looking cards taken prior to the DLM action.

Please let me know if the link or anything else doesn’t work, and enjoy!

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