It’s all smoke in mirrors, really:p I like to take cool shots on IG of the cars in my collection. It makes it a little more fun to do something different. Since I don’t have the space to make actual dioramas, I have to improvise, for now. Maybe that’s just another way to be creative. The DoD Garage is located somewhere in downtown Chicago and has two levels (that are known).

Well, here we go. I’m flattered that a few people have asked about this. I hope you enjoy!

This is the ‘top floor’ of the garage. View from the office a few stories up.
Makes for some nice shots, sometimes!


Then there’s the underground floor. Down there, I can do another interesting angle.

There’s always something going on down there;)
Always getting more Land Rovers for future safaris.


Boy, do I ever enjoy Chargers.
Porsche will always be tops, for me. Yes, yes.
...and Land Rovers & Jeeps, of course heheh;)