Big things with little cars

It’s inevitable, but not sad about it. Actually quite surprised it held on for this long.

That’s right, after participating the event at the same K-Mart for 6 years, it is my turn to say goodbye to the K-Day event. I honestly set my goal really low for this one (actually, about the same as previous attendance) since my store is known to not follow rules Mattel has set for such an event and often gave out tickets to anyone and everyone, including toddlers.


My goal today was to walk away from the store with the red FD RX-7 if nothing else and share a story with you guys why I made the decision to forego the blue first release. However, things aren’t always goes as planned as my store has already begun liquidating everything til Nov 9th as well as cancelled the event and so it’s back to square one. It’s alright though, I can get myself the blue one this afternoon so it’s not all bad.

Of course, my new EDC buddy the pizza Cherokee came along and it is a shame that it’s first official adventure had to be such a bleak one. But no worries, since there are still plenty of adventures laying ahead and also came across the richest ricer I’ve ever seen.



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