Big things with little cars

of the hunt or where I found them.

The place: Hobby Lobby. I was not aware that the new Hitched Homes came up with the Airstream Land Yacht Safari. I’ve seen this in 1/87 and was a bit pricey but now it is available in 1/64 and affordable.


I was having buyer remorse on the 1954 Ford as I already have several of this model from other company. But this livery look so nice plus the white wall made me change my mind.

The place: Walmart. I don’t collect a lot of muscle cars but this 1961 Dodge looks so nice and in black. This underrated casting needs the love.

I was not impressed about this Matchbox working rig as the boom, stick and bucket assembly are plastic and does not look realistic. However I’m thinking that if I ever ordered the Hino low boy trailer I might use this as its cargo as it seems close to 1/64.


The place: Walmart. Actually found them from 2 different Walmarts. I found the Chevy stake truck and Chevy delivery wagon (not pictured) in one Walmart and after more than a week going from one Walmart to another finally found the only VW Delivery Van hanging with a couple of Ford Econoline and F100.


And lastly...


The long search is over when I dropped by a Target after finding the Coke VW last weekend and found the Car Culture Chevy pickup which was my one and only favorite among the Shop Trucks.

Today I dropped by Target just to browse around and found all 5 sets of the new Pop Culture Marvel Studios. I was surprise to find the VW Station Wagon featuring Iron Man as I felt this would be the number one target (no pun intended) of both collectors and scalpers. 

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