It seems like this is the most depressing EDC series I have to date.

First, it was witnessing the end of my local K-Mart and her’s another one.

Last night, I went out of my way to visit a TRU that was over an hour away from me by car that I only visited 4 times last year as a workout regime.

This particular store was one of 148 originally reported to close nationwide back in February. I wasn’t baffled by its demise but by how it was the first one in the state of Colorado to go. This is the fanciest TRU I’ve ever been to, its as large as a Target with TRU and BRU all under one roof and the other reason why I went at night is to show the fancy lighting they install around the front entrance. The ambient light alternate in color every few seconds and if that wasn’t fancy enough, check out the bollards in front of the store:

They all represent various toys like dominoes, legos, etc.


There aren’t any signs hanging from the outside of the store about it closing, but very noticeable once you walk inside. Despite being at night, the place was packed, families everywhere with kids screaming all over the place and the aisles looks like a tornado had swept through. 

Things weren’t any better when I got to the diecast section. The HW side was well picked through and right across that where the adult collectible diecasts (M2. GL, AW) was just as empty


I originally thought I was too late to visit this store, thinking I may arrive to a bare, vacant store. But its still here and I’ll visit this store a few more times within the next several weeks. If I don’t miss TRU as a whole, I’ll definitely miss this particular store for how much it devoted to be kids’ heaven.