This has always been one of my favorite models. Quite honestly, it just gets a 10/10 without much in the way of a review. This car is a step up in detail from the Ferrari 641/2, which makes a little sense, as the Williams-Renault is a newer model. The active suspension modules, engine detail, heck, even down to the wheels and tires are superbly rendered. It also has a fully functioning suspension. (Look closely at the tires, and you can see they say for racing use only. Ha!)

If I had to knock one thing on the model is that it's equally as fragile as a true F1 car. There are a lot of tiny/spindly parts to break or snap off. Of course, it's a display model and not something to play with, but you have to be careful with even light handling.

I've had this car since it was released, 10 years ago, maybe more? Enjoy the view! And excuse the dust, this one lives uncovered on my night stand.