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The First 2019 Super Treasure Hunt

I was scrolling through the “loose” Super Treasure Hunts listings on ebay tonight. You know the ones that inevitability are “unspun” and/or “prototypes” - That ship almost exclusively out of Malaysia. Most were very familiar (from the can’t-give-them-away Boom Box to still incredibly expensive Datsun 510 Wagon - $105 for a loose version!). Even the Cruella De Vil $TH was represented. Someone is even trying to unload 5 at once...

Just $97 Shipped

That Super makes the traditional 15 for 2018, with the Ultra Super Treasure Hunt Bone Shaker being a special anniversary bonus Super.


Still I noticed a few listings for a white 2018 Super TH ‘90 Civic EF with what appear to be Real Riders. I checked T-Hunted to make sure wheelerguy hadn’t already copy and posted it here and then went back through looking for a Civic hatchback I’d missed. Neither came up with any info.

It does look like the 2019 Case A Super Treasure Hunt will in fact be the Civic EF:

It strikes me, personally, as terribly plain. My biggest complaint about the intro of ‘90 Civic EF (the turquoise one) is that the headlight tampos were almost haphazardly pasted on. It was enough to knock it out of Best New Model Contention for our Wall-D Awards in 2015. I guess going with a white body will remove the need to paint headlight there’s that. I’m still torn if it is a Super, however, as it seems to be missing the “TH” logo (although Hot Wheels is getting better at hiding those all the time. Think: Cruise Bruiser with the logo only on the side against the card. Or El Viento, where you have to TAKE APART the car to find the “Symbol of the Flame”.) Finally, is there even a Spectraflame white?

Regardless, I know this model is highly regarded here, and I’m curious what your take is. Is this more a Boom Box STH or a vintage JDM Datsun/Nissan/Toyota?


Edit: I’d say this confirms it:

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