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The Forgotten Bluebird

I was going back over some old posts about common wheels on the off brands:

...and the red Bluebird looked very familiar.
I’ve been going through my basement lair, from one side to the other, to clear out all the stuff that doesn’t fit my collecting/building preferences anymore, and I found a bag full of cars from one of my flea conferences. This is back when anything with opening doors, hoods, trunks, etc, had to be saved, whether I knew what I had or not.
Turns out I had the CF Bluebird all this time:

CF 302

I’m hoping to uncover more unknown gems as I weed out the, well, weeds.
I’ll be “curating” lots, to put on my blog for sale/trade soon. The first will be the Baja Bugs.
I’m considering separating groups of my parts cars into like groups; Ferraris, Porsche, Corvettes, etc., so if you’re looking for some custom/parts/whatever, these will range from 10 cents each to pay the shipping and it’s yours deals. I need the space more than any monetary consideration.
But only if anyone would be interested. LMK please.

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