Esteemed LaLDers, it is now October. That also means that it is officially my favorite season, fall. The best weather of the year, the best colors of the year, what's not to love? To celebrate this first October on LaLD, let's have a custom diecast exposition! Krogers has a yearly Hot Wheels Halloween exclusive, so why not LaLD, too??

At the end of the month (exact day TBD), we will have a display of Halloween and/or Autumn themed customs. It can be anything, and is definitely not restricted to the automotive realm (lookin' at you, Skyfire!).

It is not a judged competition, because we are doing this for fun and to display your creativity and skillz. Anything from wheel swaps, to added details/decals, to full on body modifications are welcome.

Feel free to post work in progress pics between now and then, maybe some teasers, and when the Exposition post is launched, comment on it with pics of your project so we can all regale in its glory.


Have fun with it and let your creativity roam free!!

Image by Youtube.