Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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The Hawliday Weekend Has Begun...

Before noon today.

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I’m so glad to have made so many vendor friends during the hunting seasons. One of my favorite vendors had bid on several tubs of HWs, old dusty carded HWs, but got outbid. Nevertheless, he pointed me to the vendor who had outbid him, and this is just a portion of what was there.
I had to bring everything home and reconnoiter before setting out again, plus I’d spent all the cash I was carrying.
Quick stop at the bank and I’m on the hunt again, but not without remembering the reason for this 3 day weekend.
I’d like to thank every member of LaLD who served our country in the armed forces. It takes a special kind of person to voluntarily sign up for a job that could get them killed for their country. Thank you all for your service.
I don’t care if you were a file clerk in Biloxi, you served and we are all in your debt. Thank you.

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