So MrsZtp went off to be a quiz master at a district Bible Quiz meet. Then she went grocery shopping without me, which we both agreed that I shouldn’t go because I’d want a hawl...she came back with this.

I straight up asked her, “is this for watching the kid for half the day, cleaning the bathroom because you asked me too, or because I didn’t set the house on fire?” She said “just cause”. So the lesson here is do what your wife asks, set nothing on fire, and always place your children in protective bubbles, your chance at a random hawl will increase!

Now to the car. Despite not being true scale, this car is pretty nice. A ‘69 Dodge Coronet R/T, and a mopar. It’s a nice shade of envy green (thus making everyone here jealous), and I really like the duo hood scoops too. This is officially my first new JL car, acquired by MrsZtp, so it’s super duper special.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sandwich to steal, ztp Jr isn’t eating it, :).