Time to get back to the Hunt. Based on last week's Block post, we seem to have more wants than gots.


Here's the list for this week. Please keep an eye out for your fellow LaLDers! I'm dropping some people that we haven't heard from in a while, so make sure you check in to look for offers being posted.

Philipilihp - Suzuki Samurai, porsche 911 gt1 straßenversion, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari 156 "Cigar racer", any of the Porsches on this list marked red, Green 70's Toyota Celica, Testarossa

El_Uly - Toyota's!

Luke's 2000TL, now a Sienna - Datsun 510 and 620 (new paint)

VwJohn - purple classic drag Bug, Snoopy

JMildren - 240Z's and rx7's in any color but red, yellow, or black, , Datsun 510 bluebird wagon, Aventador, Mini Morris


Walfisch - Japanese cars, Zamacs, and a Snoopy.

Frosted - Donks and Everything JDM, purple Mad Manga, Nissan 300Zx custom, police cars


Round badge - ZAMAC Hakosuka Skyline

Enginerrrrrrrrrrr - Wants

Mycarneverruns87 - purple Mad Manga


Carnage - McLaren GTR, Blue Datsun 620, Nissan GTR, Ferrari 430 Spider, Ferrari F430, Ferrari 430 Challenge,Ferrari 355 Berlinetta, Yellow Blvd Porsche 993 GT2, Lamborghini Reventon roadster, (2) 67 Shelby GT-500 "Eleanor"

Daender - Greenlight 2008 Ford mustang GT, Pennzoil pikes peak Celica, NB Miatas


TE71 Xin - MoPar Johnny Lightnings with rubber wheels (iHWEP)

Sn210 - Ferrari 250 GTO, F512M, Testarossa, Vector Avtech WX-3, McLaren F1 GTR, porsche 911 gt1 straßenversion, Bugatti Veyron, BMW M1, Bentley Continental SS, Ferrari 599xx, Lotus Esprit & Elise, Dodge Charger 500, Lamborghini Murci SV


Navyeagleeye - Porsche 924 "up front"


Alfalfa Romeo - USS Vengeance


CyborgAbe - MBX CTS wagon, all the wagons for wagon quest

Jeff Simmons - Blue Datsun 620, Ferrari FF, Vintage track

55Buick, Oversteer Scientist - Datsun Bluebird Wagon

Carcrasher88 - Ferrari 308, 67 Shelby GT-500 "Eleanor", Izusu VehiCross, Mercedes SLK, Chrysler Thunderbolt concept.


Edu-Petrolhead - Want list (iHWEP)

eddie - Vw's, Audi's, Porsches, Koenigseggs, Lamborghinis (besides murcielago, aventador, sesto elemento), Old Chevy's, Fords, and Dodges, wagons and pick up trucks.Buick GNX, Plymouth Cuda 426. 70's Chevy Monte Carlo SS, 70's El Camino SS, 68 Camaro SS, 1960's mustangs. Pontiac's.


CrzRsn - 2015 Mustang

Marvthegrate - 1/64 Saabs, real world endurance racers

Kreiger - BMW 1M (MBX, iHWEP)

XJDano - Matchbox Fox Body Mustang


BoxerFan's table in the comments!