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The Hunt

I know it's Friday afternoon and you guys are probably drinking a beer by the grill, but I wanted to kick off a new regular post called The Hunt.

I'll think of a better title later...

Anyway, these posts's goal will be to help a brother out and to enable the addiction at the same time.


If I know what you're hunting for, I can keep an eye out, and then we can trade. Simple as that!

So, what are your most wanted?

I'm hoping to score some older Hot Wheels cars at the flea market this weekend. There's a BMW 850i in two-tone blue that caught my eye, but I'm not paying $5 on eBay to get it.

I'm going to be on the lookout for a red Stratos with gold wheels too


Lastly, I want a Cadillac Sixteen for my concepts collection. The only ones I've found in stores look Donked out of their minds and have loud paint schemes. I think I'm going to make an attempt at a full custom to get it closer to what the concept looked like: elegant and classy.


(Although the wheels do look similar to the concept...)

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