Big things with little cars

The Hunt

For this week's hunt , I'm still looking for that two tone 850i. I was lucky to find the Stratos and Sixteen Concept I was hunting for in one Hawl last week on my monthly flea market trip.

I've decided I need the Ferrari five-pack with the FF, FXX, the legendary 330 P4, among others.


I'm going to add two concepts to my list, too: the Shelby GR-1 and Cobra

I've seen one in an eBay lot that I missed out on. I think both would be good fits in my concepts collection.


I know Frosted is looking for a Matchbox Cube. I thought I had one for him, but it was just a Scion XB. It was white too! Speaking of Nissan's, he's also looking for a Titan and R35 GTR.


Uly was thinking about a Snoopy, not sure if he's acted on it yet...

And I think we ALL want Marty McFly's Toyota!

What are the rest of you hunting for? Who knows, maybe somebody will find it and send one to you!


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