The Hunt has been successful so far, but I think mostly just for me? Post what you're looking for and who knows you might get a trade offer!

Tops on my list is the ever elusive BMW 850i. I've also decided I want a gold Delorean.

Rolling over from last week is the Shelby Cobra concept. Thanks to Carnage I can take the GR1 off my list!

Thanks to Diecast Photography, Philipilihp got his SL500


So, what are you guys hunting for?

Did Frosted get a Cube yet?

I think everybody wants a Yellow and/or white 933 GT2.

JMildren has a good list: white 993 GT2, Skyline H/T 2000GT, '70 Celica, the Homer, 240Z, 370Z, Boxster, white/silver/orange Aventador, the Tumbler (reg. or camo), Huarya (blue), Rrrroadster (green), F12 Berlinetta (yellow), Veneno, Toyota 2000 GT (red), Triumph TR6, '71 Hemi Cuda (green), '12 Camaro ZL1 (blue or green).