Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

The Hunt: 7/18

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I'm happy to announce that I'm working out a trade with IDDavo to finally add this BMW 850 to my collection. I just have to get home from vacation first...


Update your want lists here for this week

Philipilihp - mclaren f1 GTR

El_Uly - Toyota's

JMildren - 240Z's, red Toyota 2000 GT, Cool Classics CRX (will trade multiple cars for this), and Datsun 620 in blue and/or orange


Walfisch - Japanese cars, in particular a 510 Bluebird and a Kenmeri Skyline. Also, Homer and a Snoopy.

Frosted - Donks and Everything JDM

Round badge - 67 Chevelle SS 396, Datsun 510 wagons

iDSi-Guy Fiesta TH (2013 & 2014), teal civic, Tucker Torpedo (anything, but esp. the$TH version), LR Defender (Matchbox), Z4 M ( Black and White ) any, ANY Takara Tomy ChoroQ Zero line. Hudson Hornet.


Enginerrrrrrrrrrr - NOTHING?!?!

Fintail - old stuff!

Carnage - Tucker Torpedo, Blue Datsun 620, Kenmeri Skyline

Daender - Greenlight 2008 Ford mustang GT, Pennzoil pikes peak Celica, NB Miatas

IDDavo - r35, 370z, blue or silver rx7, 240z, s2000, red Toyota 2000gt, red r34, 350z, and such.


Sn210 - Gold Delorean, 2004 Shelby cobra concept

CyborgAbe - MBX CTS wagon, all the wagons for wagon quest

Jeff Simmons - El Camino (any year, any manufacturer, but NOT with the engine in the back), Blvd. Studebaker Champ Pickup, Pacer, Gremlin, Retro Entertainment Enterprise, and the Mystery Machine.


DdavidN - Gold Delorean, white e36 M3

BoxerFan -

Aston Martin DB5, silver 007, mainline Hot Wheels.

Bell Helicopter 222 Airwolf helicopter, any.

Buick Riviera (1966) Tiger Wheels, or other 66-67 Riv.

Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu (1974-75 colonnade coupe) old casting zyll, Zylmex. For customization, paint condition unimportant


Dodge Challenger (modern) green Hot wheels or Matchbox for wheel swap with HotWheels Trap5 wheels for 'Green with Envy' special edition.

Ferrari 288 GTO Rosso corsa premium version Hot Wheels Boulevards, or other premium-line Ferrari.


GMC Vandura, black with red stripe, Hot Wheels mainline A-team van

Jaguar D-type, blue race car, Hot Wheels mainline.

Jaguar XJ13... any.

Knight Industries 2000, black trans am, Hot Wheels mainline KITT

Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Kenmeri, blue recolor, Hot Wheels mainline, should be available soon. (keeping my eye out...)


Plymouth Belvedere GTX convertible, premium casting, Tommy Boy Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment. You tend to hold on to a car that cherry... like luggage.

Pontiac Firebird 400 (67-68 with the full-width grille) any, Hot Wheels, or M2-Foose (black & silver, I already have green & black)


Subaru BRAT, premium casting, Hot Wheels Boulevards.

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