As I indicated on my previous blog the case F is finally out in our area and I have snag a few of them.

However what’s missing is the Red Ford Escort which I tried to locate but never found. I was already checking on the auction site to see if they have any at a decent price. NAH!

So yesterday I decided to drop by at a Walmart to see if they have any new items or have restock the Hot Wheels. Saw the same stuff and the only new series I see are the cars from the Batman vs Superman movie. Even the new 1/50 or something close to that Batman scale models where I got my 4 classic TV series Batman set are totally gone including the movie versions (Boy talk about timing). Went to the Hot Wheels section and seems like the peg warmers I saw from my last visit.

On my way out I was keeping an eye on a possible Hot Wheels bin as this store usually have one and that’s where I spotted some fresh supplies. I then dug thru the pile and little by little I spotted a few goodies.







The first one I spotted is the Batman Dark Knight Batmobile. Then surprisingly I even found the leap year car which was not part of my hunt at that time but have heard about it here. And of course finally the long elusive Red Ford Escorts have been found (actually found 3 but I left the other one out of the picture just to make the HAWL even) which took me more than 2 months to finally locate them. Unlike the other models which you can immediately spot on the surface, these have to be dug thru the bin in order to find these beauties. So the hunt is finally done and I will now just sit back and enjoy the HAWLs.