Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

The Hunt: Secret Super Edition

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I know most of you already have your cars picked out for this year's inaugural Secret Super, but I'm going to repost this one last time. We've seen Frosted, Dinger's Ghost, and Sir CRZ all get theirs in the mail already! Anybody else?!



I'm starting a special edition of The Hunt that I'll repost until the end of the year.


This will be the list of what cars we are interested to make shopping for Secret Super a little easier. I figured we should start from scratch because as much as we all want Speed Machine McLarens and Datsun Wagon $upers, I'm thinking a couple of mainlines are the way to go!

Here's my list: Holiday Hot Rods Honda Civic, Corvette Gran Sport Roadster, SRT Viper GTS-R, Dodge Viper ACR, red Porsche 918


Roundbadge: ZAMAC cars (especially Hakosuka Skyline) Boulevard 510 or Skyline, (but that's a bit much for SecretSuper,) MBX Highway Patrol Mustang, HW R32 Skyline

Group B Enthusiast: Anything from the late 90's-early 2000's is always welcome, and I don't have much in the way of Johnny Lightning, Tomica or Corgi. Hot Wheels: black 911 RSR, red '14 Stingray convertible. GL Muscle Mercury Marauder.


Eddie: BMW M3 E46, BMW M3 E92, Audi Wagons, Porsche 911 GT3, Toyota Tundra with the big wheels, Mitsubishi Evo 4,5,6,7.8,9 gens (i.already have the x), Subaru STI hatch, Nissan R33 GTR, Ford Falcon, Dodge Challenger Hotchkiss or regular, Pontiac Firebirds, VW Golfs, Volvo 850R, Volvo s60, Volvo 240, Volvo Xc90

CyborgAbe: Corvettes and Chevelles, Mooneyes cars

MarvTheGreat: Racecars (LMP, Rally, no NASCAR)

Philipilihp: Bentley, Viper GTS-R, blue BMW 1M, Holiday Hot Rod Golf, I finally looked it up, GL Shelby Cobra 427 S/C called "Shelby Collectibles," on a black card, Porsches older than 2014


Carnage: 2015 b or c case cars, Holiday Hot Rods, JDM custom fodder!

Frosted: white So-Plowed, MBX California Highway Patrol, Oshkosh snow plow (with plow attachement) and various other winter utility vehicles. Maisto All Stars Chevy Nomad.


JeffSimmons: Any production vehicle in white with less tampos (Specifically the Porsche 993 GT2)

Dinger's Ghost: Pickup trucks. Especially Chevrolet/GMC.

Enginerrrrrrr: Wants

El_Uly: Toyota's!

BoxerFanatic: see the comments!

IDM3: Anything goes!

XJDano: Winging it!

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