Big things with little cars

the inside looks like a jackson pollack painting.

das hahaha boot! mans, i was quite happy to see this little dude on the pegs. it is definitely a step up from, say, the bat, but that was awesome too so what the blue butts am i on about?


I know my stupid phone doesn’t take the best pictures, but i blame my shakey hands! the milano looks and feels quality; the thing is pretty solid except for where it isn’t.

Yeah. There isn’t really much scale to it in the film because it barely exists, but this little ingot solidifies it nicely. the colors are great, and i don’t really see mattel cranking out “milano: tooned” or “milano: raceday” anytime soon.

All in all, totally worth a buck, and i apologize to those whose delicate eyes and sensibilities i may have offended.

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