Big things with little cars

Today, I noticed my most local Walmart stocked up with some new Johnny Lightnings. This is a rare treat, as my local stores will usually stock up a random slew of JL casts and let them sit, gathering dust for months due to them not selling quite as quickly as Hot Wheels. I personally like JLs a lot, but I only really buy them when they have unique casts on the pegs, such as my collection of Malaise JLs, and this Nash Metropolitan.


The real life Nash is a quirky little car, a personal favorite, that stands the test of time as one of the most unique machines to come from the 1950s. Its a car so unique, that seeing a diecast of one exists kind of took me by surprise. Before today, I was unaware that this was even a thing, because I never saw anyone, anywhere even talk about it...yet, according to the package JL has been producing this cast, albeit in different toolings, for years. That made me realize...

This could be one of the most underappreciated casts of all time.

Between this model’s combination of recreating a quirky, unknown to many, car, its spectacular detailing, and overall presentation, it’s nothing more than an absolute gem that deserves all the love. Go get one if you don’t have one already, it makes a great little piece to the collection.


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