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The King

The Ford Torino Talladega was a staple of NASCAR in 1968/1969 and 1971/1972. NASCAR’s aerowars began in 1968, with Dodge running the Charger 500 and Ford with the Torino Talldega and Mercury Cyclone II. The stakes were raised in 1969 when Dodge introduced the iconic Charger Daytona. Upset that Plymouth was not planning to build a wing car, Richard Petty left Mopar for his one and only season with Ford. Petty would return in 1970 when Plymouth built the Superbird.

While the Torino/Cyclone II was thoroughly outclassed by the Mopar wing cars, they made a comeback in 1971. NASCAR effectively banned the Charger Daytona and Superbird, and for a couple years the Blue Oval fastbacks were the slipperiest cars on track. That means there are a ton of cars that can be built from the HW Torino! When the Flames Torino hit the shelf, I hoarded them. This is my first build from my stash of those cars.

I used Tamiya TS-10 French Blue for the paint and sourced some wheels from the Lil Red Express truck. Pattos Place in Australia came to the rescue with decals and this is what I ended up with. This version is more accurate than the Vintage Racing Petty Torino (which has inaccurate wheels and the numbers are off) and it didn’t cost a fortune!


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