Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

The Lamley Group Wants You!

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Are you a fan of The Lamley Group? Ever dream that your work could be published on one of the most influential diecast website out there? Well, imagine it now! The Lamley Group is looking for a few great LaLD authors to potentially contribute a guest post. Of course this isn’t a guarantee that your submission will make the Lamley Group, but don’t you have to try?


Here’s what they’re looking for in a guest post:

The subject matter is up to you. A possible topic could be about your favorite type of car to collect, or a specific casting you’re into. But be imaginative and compelling!


More about that subject: Specifically I know they are looking for angles that don’t regularly get covered. Maybe something regarding one of the smaller brands? You read the site. Let’s avoid material like how rad you think the latest HW Mustang is. They have that one covered.

Quality Images. Obviously.

No specific length is required and if you write long enough (and make it interesting!) I understand they are willing to cut into installments.


What subjects would you like to see? Any LaLD authors you think should definitely take advantage of this opportunity?

Look for Lamley in the comments. You can also ask questions or submit your work to

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