Big things with little cars

I’m slowly starting to take some pictures again and hopefully I will be posting more of my models again. If you’ve been following my progress on my project, I’ve been slowly filling up the shelves in my curio with diorama and die cast displays and the last update was back in March of this year.

And here is the recap.


I never thought that changing the contents and filling in with new stuff on your curio will take me months to finish. And now the 6th and final shelf is done and during that time I’ve struggled to find a good combination to fill in this space. And although I already knew my latest completed diorama gets to fill the final shelf it was only half filled. For more info on how I acquired the Tofu shop diorama and how it developed my interest for the Initial D anime, check the post below.

If you’ve noticed from that previous post there were quite a few cars that were change. This is due to me accidentally stumbling upon a youtuber who was introducing his latest acquisition of the Initial D 4 car set in which I am now using for the Tofu shop display. Some of you are probably familiar about it and some (like me at one time) will be scratching their head and wondering when was this ever released? I will provide more detail review on another post.


I was then struggling on what I wanted the other half to contain whether to fill it with my newly acquired die cast overseas, what theme would I want to convey, which scale of models to use, etc. I finally decided to still go with JDM theme to match the Initial D display but concentrating on a specific brand and what better than the underrepresented brand like Toyota as the Datsun/Nissan seems to dominate the US collector market. I also decided to go with the nostalgic vehicle theme.


On the left are the Land Cruisers from different eras and on the right are the Masterlines collection. More detail photos and review on my future post.

Hope these teasers will piqued your interest.

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