Some sellers say their products are 1/43 scale. Some sellers are lying.

I recently bought a bunch of cars and trucks from Taobao. With the trucks, I’d been having a hard time finding trucks in the 1/43 scale.

All these trucks were advertised at 1/43.

clearly, someone is lying. (And it’s Taobao, so I’ve been told lying is pretty common)


Top truck there is the KRAZ 256B.

Really nicely detailed, and made by a company called AUTOGRAND. they refer to them as 1:43.


Here it is compared to my Zil 130 from “Markun Toys” (but honestly, pretty sure it’s a rebranded DeAgostini.)


The Zil is supposedly 6.7 meters long.

the Kraz is supposedly 8.7 meters long. That length difference looks like a lot more than 2 meters.

Second truck is a Jiefang CA-30. the box even says 1:43 on it.

that truck is supposedly also 6.7 meters. It’s clearly longer than the Zil-130 truck, but the cabs seem to be in about the right scale.


This last one is a Kraz 255. The Zil-130 is bigger than it.


The 255 isn’t a surprise. it’s more of a toy than a model.

I was actually a lot more concerned about the Jiefang because I found versions of it for sale claiming 1/50th scale.

The Kraz 256b seems like it should be the right scale, but it’s massive compared to the other cars. I realize it’s got knobby tires on it. but the Zil-130 actually fits in the bed of the Kraz, which I don’t really believe.


Now, it could be that the Zil I’m using for scale here isn’t actually to scale at all. Here is actually, a Zil 157 (Same truck as the CA30) and a Zil 130 next to one another. the 130 has knobby tires in that shot, but the cabs look about as close as the Zil I have and the CA30.


Also, Sad news! when moving the cars around to my buddy’s house to get good pictures, the tail light fell off of my nice Gaz 22 and got lost!

I guess I’ll have to position it so you can only see one side at all times.

In other news, I found the bumper bits for the Gaz M72. I don’t really care as much about that.