In my last post I mentioned “The Mutt”, my newest heavy wrecker.

I thought I’d taken multiple pics of its creation, but going back I can only find one from before the project started.

I bought the DCP wrecker body on ebay for $26, an bought a second $20 Speedway tractor & trailer. The cab was stripped of its exhaust stack, rear tanks, fifth wheel, & mud flaps.


Then the frame was cut, and an new center section made of sheet alumium was JB welded in place. One of the trailer axles was snagged, run through a piece of aluminum tube, & JB welded in place to give me the 3rd forward tag axle.


The parts aren’t perfectly aligned, and the blues of the cab & body don’t quite match (though it is much less obvious in person). But I’m really happy about how the whole project came out.

And now I have two heavy wreckers. Now I just need some good wrecks.