Back when shop-teacher gave me some 1/24 cars to customize, I soon realized that I didn’t have enough room to store everything. In fact, a third of my collection lies loose downstairs, all 4 of them, :). So I decided to make a shelf to store them.

Needing a shelve, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make another diorama. It’s 4' by 15", which is massive. I can fit x10 90 degree parking spots on it, with hopefully two of them being handicapped parking spots (to break up the monotony of it all being the same).

I am concerned with the weight though. The side with the cars will be facing the wall, with the outside lip housing a sidewalk and a grass area for Benches (if I can get them dirt cheap...and had money, :/ ). But the base is extremely heavy, and I might need to trim off a few inches, lol. We’ll see...


I wanted to see how long this would be, and it takes up 4 parking spots!

Plus he’s over the handicapped spots! The jerk!

So to recap, I'm working on starting/figuring this out, I'm STILL doing the pond on the rally diorama, and I'm slowly but surely getting the S-10 and Ford COE customized. I have a lot on my plate, lol. :)