Big things with little cars

The next Tomica models are behind these veils

One look at Japanese Tomica Twitter is all I needed to see. Suffice to say, headlines will be made.


Basic Tomica will see some incredible models like the new BMW Z4 (didn’t they release that already?) and Lamborghini Aventador SVJ (!!!), and will feature the return of Volvo thanks to the XC60. The new Long Tomica is quite a curiosity—an 8x8 claw truck. Finally, the 4-car set is rather intriguing: what is their composition?

Premium, meanwhile, is equally bombastic, not the least because they’re putting THE FERRARI F40 IN IT WOOOO!!! This completely undercuts the TLV version price-wise, though quality remains to be seen. No. 4 seems to be an R31, and we could be getting a special plinth playset for Premium.

Now, admittedly, I can’t say much because my Japanese is non-existent, but I reckon if I post here, more info can be revealed. One thing is certain, though: Tomica ain’t stopping anytime soon.

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